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A solidarity project led by hoteliers benefiting the Akamasoa humanitarian organization.

Hostel Du Père Pedro Madagascar

For the past 7 years, Jean Arvis, Chairman of Arvis Hotels, has been involved with Father Pedro, founder of the Akamasoa orgnanization, as well as Henri Cohen-Solal, in humanitarian projects that require significant fundraising efforts. This is how Jean ARVIS came up with the idea to build a hotel to the benefit of Akamasoa. The project was entirely financed through fundraising. A dedicated team of volunteers, including the hotel management company MADEHO, rallied around this project.

The Hostel du Père Pedro consists of different modules joined together to provide guests with the best possible view of the city. It offers comfortable accommodations with a decoration inspired by local artisanal handicrafts, featuring a colorful, youthful style that reflects the local culture. A boutique showcases locally crafted products, highlighting the skills of the Malagasy people and involving them in the project. 

Hostel Du Père Pedro Madagascar

In addition to being eco-friendly, the property provides training in the hotel and restaurant industry to the local residents, creating job opportunities. From construction to management, the hostel supports several families.

All the profits generated by the hostel are donated to the Akamasoa organization , contributing to its development, including the creation of infrastructure such as houses, schools, dispensaries and maternity facilities.

Hostel of Father Pedro | Madagascar
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