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Hostel Du Père Pedro Madagascar

Hostel du Père Pedro

A solidarity hotel for the humanitarian organization Akamasoa

Experience an unforgettable stay at the Hostel du Père Pedro, a hotel born from human solidarity.

By staying at the Hostel du Père Pedro, you will discover that the legend is true: the smiles of the children in Madagascar are the country’s greatest wealth! Rejuvenate yourself by living in harmony with the village’s pace.  

As we say here in Madagascar, "Aza mandalo tanana misy havana: don't pass by a friend's house without stopping".

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Stay in the heart of Akamasoa and enjoy an immersive stay in the village created by Father Pedro.

Located on the hills overlooking the capital, Antananarivo, the Hostel du Père Pedro donates all its profits to the humanitarian organization Akamasoa, providing it with ongoing financial support. The hotel also provides employment opportunities for the people of Akamasoa.

Our team is looking forward to welcoming you and making your time in Madagascar a memorable experience.

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Discover the 24 rooms at the Hostel du Père Pedro, divided into 3 categories: Standard, Family, Dormitory.

From the dormitory for 4 people, ideal for adventurers traveling in groups, to the comfortable private rooms for a family trip, the hostel is the perfect place to unwind.

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The chef and The his team introduce you to a cuisine that delicately combines Malagasy and international flavors. The menu evolves daily and offers fresh, local products.

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The boutique allows you to explore Malagasy artisanal handicrafts, including items produced in the village of Akamasoa or the surrounding areas. Here, you will find woven raffia bags, products made from recycled materials and books about Father Pedro to continue your immersion in Akamasoa.

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