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Hostel Du Père Pedro Madagascar


Latitude : -18.893395 | Longitude : 47.576706

Discover Akamasoa Humanitarian Organization

It was 20 May, 1989, when Pedro Opeka arrived in Tananarive.

"What I saw in the garbage dump horrified me. I remember the shock. It was not possible for children to live in such inhuman conditions.”  

In December of the same year, Father Pedro launched the Akamasoa organization.

"At Akamasoa, we have built an oasis of hope that has seen half a million people pass through and has provided each one with help. 35,000 people stayed with us and together we built a city and created a human community of fraternity, sharing, mutual understanding and help. If we were able to do this with 35,000 people, we can also do it for 50,000, 100,000 or even 1 million" - Father Pedro

Hostel Du Père Pedro Madagascar
Hostel Du Père Pedro Madagascar

Where is the Hostel? 

Perched on the hill of the village of Akamasoa, the Hostel du Père Pedro is located 8km from the city center of Antananarivo. From here, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the city and its traditional houses.

Despite the short distance between the Hostel and the city center, traffic is often very congested, so expect approximately a 1-hour journey. 

How to get to Hostel du Père Pedro?

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